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京都生まれ育ちのジョン ・レビー ・ Made in Japan. Caffeinated since 2002. Heart of David.


When Jon Levy picks up the guitar and begins to sing you hear the heart of a well-versed troubadour.

Heavily influenced by The Beatles, Sting, and Johnny Cash, Jon has been writing and recording original music since he first picked up the guitar over 20 years ago at the age of eight. In 2006 Jon moved to Boston from his hometown of Kyoto, Japan to study at Berklee College of Music. Jon studied under world class legends such as Tomo Fujita (John Mayer), Prince Charles (Puff Daddy), Susan Rogers (Prince), and Livingston Taylor (James Taylor). 

In 2009 Jon started his work as a solo artist and producer/sound engineer in Los Angeles. Having performed at venues such as The Whiskey A Go Go in Los Angeles, Carnegie Hall in New York, Billboard Live in Osaka, and a year long residency at the five star Ritz-Carlton Kyoto, Jon is a seasoned performer across multiple genres. 

Known for his "live in one take" YouTube videos, Jon's most popular cover video of John Mayer's "Queen of California" currently has over 48,000 views. In 2017 "The Richmond Sessions" a self-produced five part video series was released via YouTube.

Jon recently made the Gold Coast his home in 2016. Jon and his Peruvian wife Carla become first time parents in September 2017 to a baby girl.



京都の生まれ育ったジョン·レビーは、オーストラリア/ニュージーランド人のシンガーソングライターです。主にギタリスト、ジョンの2009年デビュー·リリース”Half A World Away”は、エリック·クラプトンとポップ作詞作曲の影響を持っていあすます。ジョンのライブを見る時、観客はジョニー·キャッシュとスティング間を聞くことを期待することができます。





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